Who we are

Aeon Investments
— The long-term view

‘Aeon /ˈiːən/ noun’ A significant period of time, spanning or defining a long-term cycle; an ‘age’ e.g. the modern age. Also ‘life’, ‘vital force’ or ‘being’.

What we do

We are a credit-focused investment company, based in London.

Aeon was founded by like-minded professionals and combines a wealth of experience in identifying value across the credit spectrum. We are dedicated to addressing the challenge of generating superior risk-adjusted returns in the low yield environment.

We originate, structure, and invest in long-term, income-focused investments, on behalf of our stakeholders, families, foundations, institutions, and sovereigns.

Our focus is on global structured credit in segments that offer relative value and superior risk-adjusted returns, specifically within the real estate, infrastructure, transportation, and private debt sectors. We navigate the market cycle across multiple asset classes to generate value through tailored investment solutions to give our investors exposure to key economic sectors.

Our investment approach and extensive experience allow us to efficiently deliver robust investments, underpinned by secure stable cash flows, to create value for our investors. This investment approach coupled with our experienced team and deep sector knowledge allows us to commoditise otherwise difficult to access sectors for the benefit of our investors.

Taking the long-term view means identifying opportunities and investing in sectors with a strong legal and regulatory framework, and it requires us to operate responsibly, exclusively across sectors with strong fundamentals and sustainable underlying growth.

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Our approach

Aeon Architecture

— A proven model

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Our responsibility

Building the future

— Sustainably

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Our people

Leading expertise

– A wealth of experience

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