Our approach

Aeon Architecture
— A proven model

A proven, signature investment model, targeting long-term, robust, sustainable, process-driven income generation.

Our process

We are focused on delivering superior risk-adjusted returns, through stand-alone investments that provide our investors access to key economic sectors. This is achieved by minimising downside risks to ensure capital preservation, and by designing a structure which prioritises alignment of interests.

We employ a research driven investment approach and use a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques. Idea generation and our due diligence process is based on a top-down approach, considering economic, credit and industry cycles, to identify inefficient markets and pricing dislocations.

At the portfolio level we utilise a bottom up approach, employing a rigorous due diligence process to assess the intrinsic value of the underlying collateral or credit, manage risk, and ultimately maximise return potential for our investors.

This structural, statistical, and fundamental approach gives us a deep understanding of risk, allowing us to mitigate and structure for idiosyncratic and systemic risk during portfolio construction.

Our investment process is comprehensive, disciplined, conservative and risk focused. It brings together, industry dynamics, technical credit analysis, and fundamental analysis, to form a robust investment thesis and philosophy, focused on delivering on our investment objectives, and on our commitment to our investors.

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What we do

Aeon Investments

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Our responsibility

Building the future

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Our people

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