Our long-term view and a deeper understanding
create a fresh direction for income investment.

Who we are

Cultivating sustainable long-term
income generation from alternative investments.

Our responsibility

The expertise and experience of our people
enables us to build success upon success.

Our people

Reshaping long-term income
investment through structure.

Our approach

We originate, structure and invest in long-term, income-focused investments on behalf of our stakeholders, families, foundations, institutions, and sovereigns. We operate globally and specialise in structured credit in segments that offer competitive returns on a risk-adjusted basis; specifically in the real estate, infrastructure, transportation, and private debt sectors.

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Aeon Architecture

Our investment philosophy is based on four pillars —

Long-term income generation

Robust income stream generated by transparent, deterministic structures, underpinned by secure stable cash flows.

Superior risk-adjusted returns

We focus on opportunities offering asymmetrical risk-return profiles with greater upside potential relative to the downside risks.

Capital preservation

A strong culture of loss avoidance and downside risk mitigation coupled with a rigorous risk analysis to protect and preserve capital over the long term.

Alignment of interests

We co-invest and retain exposure to each investment, and we ensure interests are aligned with key stakeholders exposed to the underlying risk or fee structure.

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