Tim Roniger

Head of Compliance

*Aeon is an Appointed Representative of Vedra Partners Limited, authorised and regulated by the FCA with reference number 745263. Tim Roniger is the SMF16 for Vedra Partners Limited.

Tim is the group’s compliance officer.

Tim holds a Bachelor of Honours in Finance, and qualified as a chartered accountant, with Ernst & Young in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has 28 years in financial services.

From 1991 to mid- 2014, he worked for Merrill Lynch, both in Zurich and London, where he held various senior support roles in Investment banking across the fixed Income and equity business units.

He joined Gottex fund Management in 2014, where as Chief Financial Officer, he took the company to a listing in November 2007. Tim left Gottex in December 2015, and joined Vedra Partners Limited* in 2016, where he is a Director, the Chief Financial Officer and Head of Compliance.